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Article Critiques

Article Critique - Complicated, Multiple Step Process

It involves reading the article in question multiple times. In one reading, you may focus solely on bulleted lists, graphical elements, headings and subheadings, pictures, etc. In most cases the second reading is the most intensive. This is where you will take notes, check facts, and begin forming your critique. A third or fourth reading will usually be required in order for you to gain additional clarity about the writer’s style and point of view. Your article critique will be expected to address the following:

  • Do the graphical elements in the article enhance the reader’s understanding?
  • Is any important information missing?
  • Has the author communicated information thoroughly, yet briefly?
  • Has the author linked to reputable sources?
  • Have the proper acknowledgments been made regarding any bias or conflict of interest?

Remember that the steps we have discussed so far only covers the analysis of the article. Once all that work is finished, you still must actually write the critique. If that sounds frustrating, you are not alone. This is why many students approach us for help writing article critiques.

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