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128 Ways To Say "Very"

September 15, 2016 - Posted to Writing Tips

Content infographic 128 ways to say very head

If you want to better your English and to make it sound more, well, you should start with your vocabulary. Of course, you know thousands of words but do you know how to say ‘very’ in 128 ways? has created the list of some alternatives to saying ‘very’ in an unusual way. Take a look at the infographics below to learn 128 ways to say ‘very’ before you decide one to use - ‘very cute’ or ‘very fast’ are not the best choices, it would be better to say ‘very adorable’ and ‘very swift.' Regular learning of new words and phrases, their synonyms and opposites is the first and foremost step that you can’t avoid if you want to get better at vocabulary.

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