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A Guide to Writing a Literary Analysis Essay

November 16, 2015 - Posted to Writing Tips

Content a guide to writing a literary analysis essay

Writing The Introduction to Your Literary Analysis Essay

Your introductory paragraph should begin with a hook. This is a quote, anecdote, interesting fact, humorous statement, or other opening line that will get your readers interested. Some writers chooses to open their introductory paragraph by presenting readers with a snap shot of dialogue that occurs between two or more of the characters. If the work is based on a universally understood them, you can also use this to grab the attention of your readers. A final option is to open with a visual description of the setting of the book, poem, or play. This method is particularly attention getting. Your introductory paragraph must also contain many other elements. These include:

  • The title of the work of literature that you are analyzing
  • The author's first and last name
  • The specific themes that you will be addressing
  • Any other relevant information such as the names of main characters, the setting of the story, and the overall point that the author was trying to make

Of course, the most important element that you will include in your introductory paragraph is your thesis statement. This is a statement of summarizing your thoughts about the work in question, and defining what your literary analysis essay will explore.

Writing Your Literary Analysis Essay Outline

It can be difficult to define your thesis statement without first writing an essay outline. In your outline, you can flesh out what your supporting points are going to be in your body paragraphs, which points you will emphasize in your concluding paragraph, and finally what your thesis statement will be. In almost every case, students who write outlines before writing their first drafts produce literary analysis papers that are superior to those who do not.

Moving From Outline to First Draft

As you move from writing your outline to writing your first draft, your goal is to turn the short statements in your outline into readable and compelling sentences and paragraphs. In order to accomplish this, you must do several things. First, you must insure that each of your body paragraphs contain a main idea sentence. Then, you must write each paragraph using transition words. These allow the reader to move smoothly from one paragraph to the next. Finally, you must be sure that the words you use to get your point across are strong and vivid. Don't be afraid to express your opinion using power words. You may wish to look up a literary analysis essay sample to study.

Writing a Good Conclusion

A good conclusion is not a restatement of the points you have already made. It is a synthesizing of those points to convince readers that your thesis is on the mark. In case, you're still experiences hardships getting through - no worries! Literary analysis essay writing service always has your back with the impeccable writers.

Getting Additional Writing Help

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