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Becoming a Freelancer in College – It’s Easy!

September 07, 2015 - Posted to Writing Tips

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See How Easily You Can become a Freelancer Being  Student

Freelancing? Absolutely. If you’re a college student with something to offer to customers, you can set up a freelancing business and work on your own terms and schedule. Think about it. The income will be better than a part-time minimum wage job; you may not have to borrow as much money to get through college; it’s a great thing to put on a resume; and you may like freelancing so much, you may decide that entrepreneurship will be your life’s career.

Get a Plan

You do have to do a bit of planning, but nothing is really hard about it.

  1. Figure out what you want to do – provide a product or a service. While the majority of college freelancing jobs are in services, there are still any students who have a product or an idea for a product that has made them lots of money. Find the intersection of your passion and a skill/talent you have, and you will know what to do.
  2. Figure out how much time you will be able to give to your freelancing work. Many students set up their schedules so that they are off on Tuesday and Thursday, for example, allowing two full days plus perhaps one or both weekend days for their work.
  3. Market yourself. This will depend on who your target market is and what you are selling. If, for example, you have a product, you may want to advertise it on campus, off campus, and certainly on a website, if it is easily shipped. One California student took up a charitable cause and made headbands, donating 30% of every sale to the cause. Over a year’s time, her business skyrocketed and she is expanding into other small items now.

If you have decided to freelance in computer repair, you can advertise on and off campus; if you are going into lawn care, you will advertise off-campus. If you are going to write or edit students’ essays and papers, you advertise on-campus (quietly, please).

Both traditional and digital forms of advertising should be considered. Once you get established a bit, most of your advertising will occur by word of mouth.

  1. Your job may not involve marketing per se. If you are going into fields such as blogging or freelance writing, you will look for your clients online or sign up with writing services that act as clearinghouses for writers and clients. You will submit posts to blogs that pay for contributions.
  2. Register as a business with the state – you can begin as a sole proprietor, and the process is both easy and cheap.

Freelancing Ideas

Again, you need to find where your passions and skills/talents intersect. What are you good at? What do you love to do? Nothing is better than working at something you enjoy – it doesn’t really seem like work.

So, here are some possibilities. You may find one in this list or one may spark a creative idea of your own.

  • Writing – academic, blogging, articles, web content
  • Photography/Videography – only if you have skill and experience
  • Lawn care
  • Personal Assistant
  • IT support
  • Graphic design
  • Game and website testing
  • Tutoring – offline or online
  • Flipping furniture
  • Making an item – sell at flea markets, fairs, and online
  • Handyman/woman – painting, simple repairs – senior citizens are always looking for reasonably-priced services
  • House, pet, baby-sitting
  • Disc Jockey – if the surrounding town is big enough
  • Develop apps and/or software as a freelancer for companies
  • Private music lessons, if you are accomplished on an instrument

Stick With It

You will not make lots of money to begin with, but if you are persistent, and there is a need for you are selling, you will. Entrepreneurship is perhaps the fastest-growing type of business today. You will gain valuable experience doing this – experience you will not get in any classroom.

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