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Poverty Essay

July 05, 2015 - Posted to Writing Tips

Content essayon poverty

College students may find themselves exposed to the subject of poverty. Poverty has been a contributing factor to wars, it impacts education and healthcare, and it has proven influence on crime rates. In addition to this, poverty is an element that is frequently referred to current events, politics, sociology classes, art, music, and literature. Basically, there is a very good chance that a student will be asked to write a poverty essay at least once before they graduate from high school. Fortunately, there are many good ideas for topics on an essay on poverty. As our way of helping students come up with a few interesting topics, we have compiled a list of essay prompts, questions, and ideas for essays on poverty.

Ideas for Poverty Essays for Education Majors

Good teachers be able to understand and address the needs of impoverished students and their families. Here are a few essay ideas that are perfect for classes that are related to the field of education:

  • Write an essay on working with impoverished students include suggestions for dealing sensitively with a lack of resources such as school supply
  • Write an essay on the free school lunch program and its benefits for poor students
  • Write a compare and contrast essay about the differences between a grade school in an impoverished county and a grade school in a wealthier county
  • Should students who are below the poverty line be considered ‘special needs’?

Poverty Essay Ideas for History, Government, and Political Science Courses

Students in these kinds of courses often come across the subject of poverty as it impacts political races, Government policy, and events in history. Here is a list of poverty essay ideas:

  • Write a poverty in America essay. Discuss how poverty influenced the westward expansion.
  • Write a global poverty essay addressing the controversial topic of the United States providing monetary assistance to impoverished nations.
  • In a wealth and poverty essay compare and contrast the influence that various socio-economic groups have on government.
  • Is it right for the wealthy to have more political control?
  • How have members of the two major political parties helped the poor?
  • To what extent has poverty influenced the war on terror?
  • What can be done to reduce crime in impoverished areas?
  • How do foreign governments effectively deal with poverty? In which areas are they failing?

General Poverty Essay Ideas

Here are a few essays prompts and topics on the topic of poverty. These should be useful in a variety of classes.

  • Write a Poverty Definition Essay that discusses the ways in which poverty is a relative term.
  • How are organizations in your community dealing with poverty?
  • What is the best way to deal with poverty among the elderly?
  • Is raising taxes a good solution for battling poverty?
  • Are private organizations better equipped to fight poverty?
  • Write a ‘what is poverty’ essay. What should the criteria be for defining poverty?

We hope that these essay ideas will help many students who are struggling to come up with their own topics for papers on the subject of poverty.

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