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Identity Theft Essay

June 29, 2015 - Posted to Writing Tips

Content lucyjennycody

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers – Writing the Identity Theft Essay

Decades ago, there was a science fiction movie called “The Body Snatchers.” Huge seed pods landed from outer space, containing aliens that took on the exact physical characteristics of a person and “became” that person, except with no human emotions. Today, we have the “Identity Snatchers,” individuals and groups of individuals who steal the identities of others and use them to garner money, make purchases, etc. By the time the “theft” has been discovered, the victim has at least a year’s worth of agony ahead, righting the wrong.

Because it is such a huge issue, the identity theft essay or paper has become a hugely popular assignment in high schools and colleges, in a variety of courses – English, IT, sociology, economics, business, and psychology, to name a few. And it is favorite topic for students when they are given a choice for their essays and papers.

Choosing Topic and Purpose

If you are getting ready to write an essay on identity theft, you will probably need to focus on one aspect of this crime, unless you are writing a major research work of many pages. You will also need to determine the purpose – expository, narrative, or persuasive. These are the three essay types that best fit the topic. Here are a few examples of how topics and purposes of identity theft essays will “fit:

Expository: You might explain the methods by which thieves steal identities; you might explain the process for “cleaning things” up once an individual has become a victim; you might explain how consumers can avoid becoming victims of identity theft in the first place.

Narrative: Perhaps you or someone you know has been a victim. Tell the story in a compelling narrative essay.

Persuasive: You might write an essay urging people to take the necessary precautions not to become victims, or an essay attempting to persuade the government to allocate more money and resources to prevent identity theft, particularly the online variety that has even impacted the American IRS and the CIA.


Even for a short basic essay identity theft, you will have to conduct some research. Do you know how many people in America or worldwide are victims of this crime in a year? Do you have any figures on how much identity theft has cost individuals, banks, and retailers? Having actual facts and data will strengthen the points you are making.


The structure for such an essay is no different than for any other. Organize your thoughts and information in a logical manner, with body paragraph covering one of your sub-topics. Your introduction should be “punchy,” that is, it should grab the reader’s attention immediately. Start out with a shocking fact – over 20 million Americans are victims every year, or, each one of us can expect to be a victim of some type of identity theft in our lifetimes. It is, in fact, the fastest growing crime world-wide.

Trouble Getting Started?

If you are having difficulty, get online and look at an identity theft essay example or two. These may give you some good ideas related to both content and structure. A word of caution here – plagiarism is easily discovered, so don’t even think about it! However, if you are running out of time, or if your writing skills are still “evolving,” you may want to consider ordering an original identity theft essay online from We’ll make sure you get a high quality essay or paper that will also help you see how one should be written!

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