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Is There an Entrepreneur in You? Here’s How to Find Out

February 05, 2016 - Posted to Writing Tips

Content entrepreneur in you heres how to find out procustomwriting

How to know for sure that you are innate entrepreneur?

First, let’s make one thing clear. Plenty of people own businesses, but do not have an entrepreneurial mindset. They simply purchase businesses and let them continue to run as they always have. These people are better thought of as investors. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s just important to remember that a business owner should not always be thought of as an example of an entrepreneur. On the other hand, there are many people who don’t own a business, but who definitely behave and work like entrepreneurs. This is because they have the same innate tendencies that successful entrepreneurs have as well. Do you think you may have it in you to become an entrepreneur? Keep reading to see if you have the same traits as many other entrepreneurs.

You Have Things That You Are Truly Passionate About

Many entrepreneurial ventures are started when somebody takes a passion and finds a way to monetize that passion. For example, many food based businesses begin as hobbies. Then, when the person realizes how much they love what they are doing, and are encouraged by the feedback they receive from others, they decide to turn their passion into a business. Even if you don’t have any passions that could become businesses, the fact that you have things that you focus on and that you stick to your interests is a good thing.

You Constantly Seek Knowledge

A great entrepreneur always wants to learn more, and not only about their business interests. They read a variety of books and magazines on different topics, they listen to podcasts, they attend lectures, and more. They are intellectually curious and intelligent.

You Can Take Charge And Remain Likeable

If you have ever worked on a group project, you know that one person always emerges as the group leader. This is true whether or not that person is officially selected. You probably also know that when things work well, the leader comes off as likeable, fair, easy to work with, and somebody who has the group’s best interests in mind. When they don’t work well, the leader is a jerk and a bully who is only seeking to make themselves look good at the expense of everybody else. The first is an example of somebody who has the potential to be an entrepreneur.

You Don’t Give up or Become Easily Frustrated

It is very rare that somebody comes up with an idea for a product or service, easily acquires all the funds and other items required to launch a business, launches the business, and runs into no roadblocks. If you have it in you to become an entrepreneur, you must have a high frustration tolerance and see failure as a learning opportunity.

You Are Self Motivating

Sure, everybody has their sluggish moments and times when they give in to their desire to put off tasks that are tedious or difficult.However, for entrepreneurs, those moments are few and far between. Instead, most entrepreneurs are eager to get up and get to work each day to accomplish their goals. They also understand that this means doing a lot of ‘grunt work’ that isn’t much fun. If you can motivate yourself to keep going even when you are tired, when the task at hand is a miserable one, and there are no immediate rewards for doing so, you have the perfect attitude for becoming an entrepreneur.

You Enjoy Being Creative and Solving Problems

Ultimately, this is exactly what entrepreneurs do. They find solutions to problems, or they create products and services that are valuable to others. If this sounds like fun to you, you could have a future starting your own company or having other people work for you.

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