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Nursing Essay

June 26, 2015 - Posted to Writing Tips

Content nursing essay

It may come to a surprise to some people, but nursing students and prospective nursing students actually write quite a few essays. In fact, there is at least one nursing essay that relates to every step in a nurses path towards earning their degree and their license to practice. Unfortunately, along with writing nursing essays, nursing students are busy attending classes, working with patients, and participating in labs. If they have additional work and family obligations this adds up to quite a hectic schedule. Now the good news; we have a few writing tips that can help current and future nursing students with their writing requirements.

Getting into School – Mastering the Nursing School Essay

The first step in the path to a rewarding career in nursing is to gain acceptance into a highly-rated nursing school. This requires the completion of a well-written nursing application essay, or nursing admission essay. The key is including only elements that will convince the admission staff of one’s abilities and willingness to work hard.  In most cases, the nursing entrance essay will answer the question, “Why do I want to become a nurse?”  It is important to include both evidence of an interest in science and medicine in a why choose nursing essay, along with evidence of soft skills such as compassion for others and a desire to help people obtain wellness. Some variations might be a why nursing essay, or a why I chose nursing essay. In these cases, it can be better to focus on nursing essay writing that discusses why one is drawn to this career. A passion for nursing essay, can be a good choice in these instances.

Writing a Great Nursing Scholarship Essay 

It is not enough to simply get accepted into a good nursing school. One must find funding that will cover tuition, books, lab fees, uniforms, and other expenses. For nursing students, this can be quite expensive. One way to offset these costs is by earning scholarship funds. There are many public and private foundations that specifically fund nursing school scholarships. The essay topics vary, but here are a few examples that one might see:

  • A professionalism in nursing essay question where the applicant must address the moral and ethical dilemmas a nurse might face
  • A nursing as a profession essay prompt where the applicant details their reasons for wishing to become a nurse
  • A nursing as a career essay that covers the various career options for somebody with a degree in nursing
  • A nursing experience essay question that asks the applicant what life experience made them decide to become a nurse

When writing a nursing scholarship essay, it is best to be professional, yet enthusiastic. It is important to let the people reading the essay know that one is enthusiastic about nursing while still maintaining an aura of professionalism.

Writing Essays while Attending Nursing Education Systems

Unfortunately, essay writing assignments don’t stop once the student is in nursing school. While writing isn’t a big focus, there will still be the occasional assignment. The best way to cope with these assignments is to use good time management skills. This will help assure that the student doesn’t fall behind.

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