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Tips For Writing a Great College Admission Essay

November 10, 2015 - Posted to Writing Tips

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Tips For Writing a Great College Admission Essay

There is just no getting around it. Every application that you submit to the schools you want to attend must have a college admission essay included in the packet. The college admission essay is used as a way to gauge both your ability to communicate effectively in written form, and to measure how well you will fit in with the culture at the school your are applying to. Don't make the mistake of assuming that your essay isn't that important. It is definitely a major factor for admissions staff when it comes to deciding whether or not you make the cut. If you are applying to schools that are particularly competitive, you should definitely keep reading. We have done our research, spoken with our admissions team, and have come up with these tips that will help you write a great custom college admission essay.

Try to Tell a Story

College admission essays that are written in story form have a lot of appeal. They are interesting to read, and can be very memorable. In addition to this, a story that comes from your own life paints a vivid picture of who you are. A story can highlight character, accomplishments, and even communicate your values and morals. Before you write your story, do a bit of preliminary planning. Outline what it is that you wish others to learn about you, and then be sure to highlight those features in the story that you tell. Remember, it is perfectly fine to embellish a few points, as long as you do not claim to have accomplished anything that you did not actually accomplish.

Use a Professional Writing Service Like

This is an important essay. Your future literally hinges on whether or not other people are impressed with your words. A professional writer can guide you through this process. They can help you research the school you wish to attend and define what it is they are looking for, help you come up with an essay topic, and guide you through the writing process. If you choose to use a writing service, just be sure to ask your writer a lot of questions about their experience. Ideally your writer will have admissions essay experience that extends from writing essays for state universities to writing Harvard admissions essays. If nothing else, a professional writer can guide you to sample college admissions essays online.

Research Your School of Choice

In the business world, people are told to define their ideal customer. Think from the school's point of view. What is their ideal student? How can you demonstrate at least a few of those qualities in your essay? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is the campus environment studious or is there a bit of a party atmosphere?
  • How do students spend their free time?
  • Where do most students work after graduation?
  • Are student moral standards expected to be particularly high?
  • Does the school emphasize service to others?

Make sure to check out sample college admission essays. At this point do not underestimate them, as they provide too much of a useful information on style, formatting and are opt to give you some perfect ideas and prompts. 

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