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Book Review Writing

Demonstarting Your Knowledge of The Book in Review

Students are asked to write book reviews to demonstrate their knowledge of the plot, characters, writing, and scenery in a book. The book review assignment is also, in many cases, a way for the teacher to determine the progress a student has made in effectively communicating their thoughts and opinions on the written works of others. When a student writes a book review, they are expected to be opinionated, but also factually accurate and analytical in their critique. Finally, in most cases they will also be expected to tie the book in some way back to the lessons being taught in their class. For example, a book review about a piece of historical fiction read for a Government class should probably discuss the historical accuracy of any plot points related to government and politics.

Of course all of this can make for a complex and long-running writing assignment. This can be stressful and nearly impossible to accomplish with a busy schedule and other assignments.

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