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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

You final chapter requires four elements:

  1. You must provide a clear interpretation of your results from the statistical analysis of the previous chapter
  2. You must provide an answer to your research question
  3. You must discuss the significance of your research, both to your fd and to future researchers
  4. You must honestly assess your project and your work, pointing to any limitations, constraints, or nuisance factors

As well, you will want to provide suggestions for future research in this same topic area, in order to replicate or enhance the results you have gotten.

Remember, as well, that you will not be discussing any data or results that you may have gotten that did not directly relate to your research question. You will only “muddy” the waters if you do this!

The Most Common Challenge of Chapter

Usually, when dissertation writers experience difficulty with the discussion chapter, it is due to the need to organize such a large amount of material and to divide the chapter into sections to adequately cover all four of the elements. It is common to find oneself repeating what was said in a previous section or to realize that several paragraphs have been composed that logically belong in a different section. Even an outline may not codify this process for the writer.

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