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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

The Dissertation Chapter – Methodology

Chapter 3 constitutes the entire thrust of your dissertation – the part of your work that provides a detailed explanation of what you have done to attack your research questions. It must, then, include the following:

  1. A full explanation of the research methodology you have used and a justification of that methodology for the particular question you are addressing.
  2. An inclusion and explanation of all of the instruments you have used to gather your data
  3. Report the gathered data in an acceptable scholarly manner

When You encounter Problems

There are definitely issues that may raise their “ugly heads” as you work through this chapter:

  1. You have to be certain that all of the data you have gathered is relevant to your research question. If you inadvertently pick up data that does not relate, you need to be certain to separate it out and not report it.
  2. You will also have to present that data in both prose and graphical formats. For the prose presentation, your writing will have to be perfectly structured, coherent, and reflective of appropriate grammar and composition. The graphical presentation must reflect charts and graphs that are the best for the data being reported. Getting both of these done well can be a challenge, to be sure.

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