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Dissertation/Thesis Proposal

The Dissertation/Thesis Proposal – You Need Approval the First Time!

Nothing is more disheartening than to prepare a proposal for your thesis or dissertation, only to have it rejected for a whole host of possible reasons. There is too much detail; there is not enough detail; your research question is not as succinct and clear as it should be; your objectives are “fuzzy.” You are sent back to rewrite it and come back. So, how do you prevent this from happening?

  1. Be certain that you have all of the departmental guidelines for the proposal and that you are following them to the very last detail.
  2. Check in with your advisor as you are preparing the proposal to get suggestions
  3. Get some professional help from a Ph.D. in your field who will take the guidelines, what you have compose thus far, and produce a stellar proposal which will impress everyone who must approve.

Where to Get This Professional Ph.D. Assistance

We admit it. Finding proposal writing help is not available just anywhere. In fact, most online writing companies do not offer help with graduate research and writing. Fortunately for you, however, does offer such services, because we have the Ph.D.’s on staff to provide them.

Here is all you do:

  1. Place a confidential order for your proposal. Give us the details – your institution’s guidelines, what you have produced thus far, and, of course, a deadline for delivery
  2. We note your academic field and contact a Ph.D. pro in that field – s/he is assigned to your project
  3. You will have a personal portal on our site, and you and your writer will collaborate through that portal until you have exactly what you want.
  4. You approve of your final product and download it to your own device.

At all times, you are in control of the process and the deadline. And at all times your use of our service remains confidential.

Get that proposal approved the first time – we will help you accomplish that!

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