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Dissertation Chapter - Results

The Skilled Help

If doctoral students ask for help with their dissertations, it is most often with the results chapter. Why? Because it involves some serious math, and skilled mathematicians among doctoral students are definitely in a minority. You know that you will have to:

  1. Select the specific formulae that must be used
  2. Plug your data correctly into those formulae
  3. “Run” the numbers and determine how they are to be organized for presentation and demonstration of significance

There are also “rules” that must be followed:

  1. If you are reporting a specific result, it must relate precisely to the data collected in chapter 3
  2. If you are reporting a specific result, it must relate to your original research question
  3. If you get a result that does not relate to your question, do not include it in your analysis

These are the skill you must have to prepare an excellent chapter:

  1. You must be a great writer – scholarly and compelling
  2. You must be a solid mathematician
  3. You must be a graphic designer

Most students do not possess this full skill set, and that is why they choose to seek professional help. That help is available at, because it is one of the few writing services that have the qualified staff to provide it. When you seek our professional help, you will receive researchers, writers and statisticians with doctorates in their fields, who have the academic backgrounds to construct an impressive chapter 4 for you.

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