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Having a well written curriculum vitae is a must for anybody with goals of finding employment in the academic sector. A CV is a document that contains work history and experience relevant to careers and positions in higher education. A CV will contain information about research studies that the job seeker participated in, details about teaching and teaching assistant positions, academic awards, details about published work, and degrees and honors that have been earned. There are some similarities between a CV and resume, but there are also some significant differences. This means that somebody who has the ability to write a good resume might not have a clue about what should go into a CV. For example, it is instinctive for some people to keep a resume limited to one or two pages in order to make sure it isn’t too long. A CV, on the other hand, can be more than a dozen pages long for a professor with tenure, and that is perfectly acceptable. This is why it is advisable that anybody who does not have extensive CV writing experience use a professional writing service like ours.


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Students come to us for help with writing their CV all the time, and they are always glad they did. We know what items need to be included in your curriculum vitae, and how to best format these items to insure that your experience and capabilities in the academic world are adequately highlighted. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking your first position as an instructor at a small college, or a full professorship at a large university, we can help.

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