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In addition to providing CV writing services, we also help our clients by editing their existing CV. If you have an old, outdated CV, or are simply unsure that you have properly formatted and written your CV, we can help. Here is what we will do once you have placed your order and uploaded your CV:

  • Review your CV for any words and phrases that can be interpreted negatively and replace those with keywords that are known for their appeal
  • Edit your CV for any spelling and grammar errors
  • Find and deal with any inaccuracies or any inconsistencies
  • Exclude information that is not beneficial to your career search
  • Discuss your academic career with you and consider any items that should be added to your curriculum vitae
  • Make stylistic changes such as modifying the font size and type or adjusting spacing and margins


When we are finished making all of the changes that are needed, you will be able to confidently send your CV to the most discerning university staff member. Before you know it, you will begin receiving renewed interest in your new and improved CV.


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Not many writing services have staff members who are capable of writing or editing a curriculum vitae. Not only are we one the few who have these talented writers, we are simply the best at it. Getting help fixing and improving your CV is extremely simple. Just take a moment to fill out our order form and upload your current CV!

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