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Designing resume

Perhaps in an ideal world, the only thing that would matter about your resume would be your skills, talents, work history, education, and goals. Unfortunately there are other things that matter. On top of being well-written, concise, and free of spelling and grammar errors, your resume must also be properly designed. These design elements include using acceptable fonts and spacing, sequencing your resume in a way that makes it easy to read, use of headings and subheadings, and (in the case of a paper resume) using a good stationary. A professional resume design service will also steer you away from using free templates and wizards.


Why is this so important?

There are many reasons why resume design is important. Some hiring managers use scanning software to go through resumes looking for certain keywords and other criteria. Using specific fonts, along with using headings and subheadings is a way that you can help insure that your resume will be sent on to be reviewed by a real person. Also, some fonts are simply unprofessional looking, and are difficult to read. This is especially true when a hiring manager might be viewing hundreds of resumes. You don’t want to have your resume rejected because it gives somebody eye strain, do you?


Don’t Spend Time Worrying About Resume Design! Let us Help!

If you are searching for a job, you should be concentrating on the job search and interview process. You shouldn’t be spending time worrying about the design of your resume. This is what we are here for. We can reformat and redesign your resume. The only extra step you need to take is to fill out an order form.

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