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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

Abstract - Getting A Clear Picture

When you conducted the literature reviews for you dissertation, you probably had to look through thousands of research titles that related to the subject of your research, in order to find those that you really wanted to read thoroughly because they seemed most relevant. Part of that decision process was reading the abstracts of those works, because they gave you a clearer picture of what was inside.

Now that your own dissertation is competed, you, too, must prepare an abstract – that one page document that will succinctly and briefly summarize your 110+ page work. You will want it to be as carefully written as possible, so that future researchers will have a solid idea of the focus and outcomes of your research. After all, they have to make the same decisions you did when it comes to their literature reviews.

If You are Stuck

It is not easy to prepare an abstract. In a single page, you must include the following:

  1. The statement of your research question
  2. A brief depiction of your methodology and resultant data
  3. A summary of the results of your research

Most students who struggle with their abstracts do so from a composition standpoint. They have difficulty being brief enough about a project that has consume over a year of their lives. That’s where comes in. You can upload our dissertation, have it turned over to a field expert, and let that expert review it and prepare that abstract for you. Our rates for such projects are quite reasonable, and you will have your perfectly written abstract back quickly.

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