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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction

Your dissertation introduction chapter is the place for you to get a little excited about all that you have done. But you also have to find the balance between personal excitement and scholarly writing, and that can be a bit difficult.

Your introduction will include the following features:

  1. It will provide a concise and fully clear statement of your research question
  2. It will tell your reader why the research question has importance to your field of knowledge
  3. It will introduce your methodology without going into great detail, because that must be reserved for chapter 3.

It is always best to wait until the entire work is finished before composing the introduction. You then have the full picture and can decide what and how much information you want to disclose, especially regarding your methodology. But the point is this: you want to entice your reader to move forward with a review of the piece in its entirety.

When You Don’t Know How to Get Started

It’s a common problem. Everything is completed, and there you are, stuck on that introduction, which really should be the easiest part of the entire piece. You need some creativity, some terrific writing skills, and a perspective on your work that allows you to introduce it with some suspense. For this, you may need the help of a professional writer in your academic field.

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  4. Receive you completed introduction chapter by your deadline.

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