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Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

Typically, your literature review is chapter 2 of your dissertation, and its purpose is to “set the stage” for the “what” and “why” of your research. In it, you will provide a summary of all of the related research that has gone before you, and point to its relevance to what you will be researching. This chapter can be a bit of a “bore” for you, as you are certainly more interested in getting to the “meat” of your own research project. But, write this chapter you must, and these are the things you must do:

  1. You will access ProQuest and enter the appropriate keywords and phrases
  2. You will read an inordinate number of abstracts as you attempt to find the research that is the most relevant to your question
  3. You will select those relevant studies and read through them, taking copious notes as you go.
  4. You will collate and synthesize all of this prior research into a research paper of sorts, summarizing the work of these others
  5. You will provide a scholarly summation of all that you have studied, and this will comprise you chapter 2.

When You are Really Not Motivated

It’s hard to get motivated to review all of this research that others have done when what you really want to do is get on with your own project. We, at “get this,” and we want to help. No matter where you are in the process of producing your literature review chapter, we can provide you with a Ph.D. in your field to complete it. Here is what we can do:

  1. Conduct that ProQuest search and identify the research that most relates to your study
  2. Provide a scholarly summary of those research works
  3. Synthesize all of those former studies into a coherent and fluent summary that provides the background basis for what you intend to research
  4. Meet your deadlines for completion of chapter 2 and guarantee that revisions will be made until you are satisfied
  5. Keep your need for confidentiality a full priority

In all cases of dissertation work, our clients will have a consultant/researcher/writer in their fields with whom they will maintain direct contact throughout the completion of the project order.

Get your literature review “off your plate” and onto ours!

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