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Dorothy Weaver

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Hi, guys! I’m a professional blogger Dorothy Weaver. From the very beginning of my life I imagined my future related to writing. But let me start from my birth. I spent my first years in Scotland, and I can say for sure that I was the happiest child in the world. My family and I had so much fun together, and it seemed to be forever. However, something crashed one day when I found out that my parents were going to divorce. I moved to New York with my mum, and new life started. First, I enrolled in a local school, and did my best there. However, I was not a native speaker, and sometimes it was hard to become the best student. But I did almost impossible- in 3 months I proved everybody that Dorothy Weaver is the brightest student. Afterwards, I successfully passed my final exams and entered one of the prestigious universities. I got MA in Publishing& Writing and decided to continue self-improvement. My first work experience was a freelance journalist. My employers were very satisfied with the results of my productive work. Nevertheless, in 3 years I realized that this work became a little bit boring to me. That’s why I decided to start my career path of blogger.