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Lab Reports Assistance

Creating Lab Report

If you are taking any science class that involves a lab section, chances are pretty high that you will be asked to create at least one lab report. This is because a lab report is useful in advanced classes with seasoned science students, and in beginning classes where lab exercises are used as teaching tools. Perhaps it is best to define what a lab report is. A lab report is simply a document that outlines an experiment done in the lab, and then discusses the results of that experiment. A lab report usually contains the following data:

  • The equipment and materials used to complete the experiment
  • The predicted results
  • The steps taken to conduct the experiment
  • The results of the experiment
  • Notes of any outside problems that may have impacted the experiment
  • A discussion of any unexpected results

Obviously there are differences when it comes to the level of the student writing the lab report. For example, an advanced student may be writing a lab report on an experiment that they have designed, and a beginner student would be following an experiment as part of an assignment. However, the requirements are often very similar.

Help with Lab Reports

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