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A couple of decades ago, networking with people meant exchanging business cards. That evolved into sharing email addresses and Instant messenger handles. More recently, the trend was to follow potential business contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, today, the premier method of networking with potential employers, business contacts, and co-workers is through LinkedIn. Getting started requires creating a professional biography. This bio is what people will read when they first make contact with you on LinkedIn. Needless to say, the contents of your online LinkedIn bio are very important. After all, there is a good chance that hiring managers will look at your LinkedIn bio in addition to looking at your resume.


Are You Looking for a New Job, or to Make new Business Related Connections?

If so, LinkedIn is certainly a good resource for you to use. You can create a profile and connect with past co-workers, make your information available to people who are searching for talent, and to make yourself available to those looking to hire people with your skill set. Your challenge is figuring out what to include in your bio. If you’ve ever read a cringe-worthy Facebook profile, you know that there are ways to embarrass yourself on the internet.


Why take that chance with LinkedIn? Why not allow the writers at Pro Custom Writing create your LinkedIn pro bio for you?

We will create a bio for you that is very professional, and will help you establish the important connections to people in your field that you need to promote yourself or your enterprise. All you need to do is place an order so that we may begin the consultation process.

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