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Modeling In Math

Math Modeling - Defined

Math modeling is the concept of using mathematically stylized formulas to solve problems that are not necessarily directly related to math. For example, in a business management class, you may be doing a case study of a grocery business that is struggling to ensure that they have their stores adequately staffed on the weekends. You may come up with a mathematical model that indicates that for every 1000 people living within 30 minutes driving distance of the store, there need to be 3 checkers on duty and two baggers. You can then use that model to predict the number of staff needed if the population is bigger or smaller. The ability to figure these things out is very attractive to future employers.


A Difficult Concept

The example cited above is very simple. Unfortunately, many of the math modeling tasks you face will not be quite so easy. One reason for this is that math modeling in classes other than advanced mathematics is quite a new concept. This means that college students today are asked to perform math modeling tasks without understanding concepts such as linear programming. Don’t worry, you will gain the understanding you need with a bit of help and some practice.


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