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Movie Review - Dealing with Entertainment Value

At Pro Custom Writing, we know that writing an academic movie review has many different challenges than writing a movie review that deals with the entertainment value of a film. Here are a few examples of these challenges:

  • The movies are often boring, have sub-titles, or are very ‘dated’
  • Watching a movie to be entertained is often enjoyable. Analyzing a movie for educational purposes is often not
  • Academic movie reviews require that students watch the movie multiple times while taking notes
  • Students must schedule several hours of time for viewing and note taking
  • Some instructors expect a movie review to be finished after one in class viewing of a movie
  • The plot may be difficult to follow
  • The student may have other challenging classes, along with work and family related distractions

In many cases, it may be possible for students to overcome these roadblocks. For example, a student who has had only one chance to view a film in class, may find the movie on the internet. Unfortunately, in many cases there is no way around the challenges faced. The student must simply find a way to overcome the difficulties he or she faces in any way possible. One of these ways is to use the services at

It’s Easy!

We look forward to the opportunity to help our students with movie review assignments. All we need is a completed order form, and details about the movie the student must review. Once we have that information, we guarantee that we will provide a movie review document that will capture the attention of any instructor.

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