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Press Release Service

When we consult with our business clients, we are often surprised at how many business owners, managers, and marketing directors never consider using the press release to make major announcements relating to their companies. It’s almost as if the press release has become a lost art, and frankly, that baffles us. Here are a few of the things that a business owner using a professional press release writing service can accomplish:

  • Announcing their presence in a new location to members of the local press
  • Informing customers of a re-launch of their website
  • Providing information and accepting accountability for an unfortunate event
  • Letting community members know about a sponsored charity event
  • Informing  customers, investors, and the public of changes in management


There are more Opportunities to use Press Releases now than there ever was in the Past

Business owners no longer need to rely on major media outlets to pick up and use their press releases. Local press and online sources are a great way to release and distribute press releases. In fact, many online publishers seek out interesting press releases to help them add content to their own websites.


Pro Custom Writing can Provide Professional Press Release Writing Services

Our writers know how to precisely design and write a press release for any situation your business may face, be that positive or negative. It would be our pleasure to provide this type of writing assistance to your business. Please Place an order for press release writing services, and we can begin writing content to assist your business.

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