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Definission Essay on Love

Love is indefinable and difficult to understand; it is a variety of feelings and attitudes towards something or someone, or a state of affection that ranges in the interpersonal relationship. It is a strong attraction that attaches a person to anything in a personal manner. Love tends to exist in many different ways and can be expressed in small gratitude. It makes the person or thing that is loved to feel special and be treated in a specific manner.


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Love, as many would term it, is not only influenced by heart but brain as well. Every known artist, singer, poet, and even painter epitomizes the heart as a symbol of love for people to understand its definition easily. The brain is the body part responsible for carrying chemical signals and making people have affectionate feelings towards others. It is natural and humane having existed since the beginning of the world and being visible in all living things. Love is what makes people get married and be able to procreate (Sussman). 

Love exists in different forms all over the world and can be expressed to a living or non-living thing. One type of love known all over the globe is agape love. This unconditional, committed and chosen type of affection accepts and loves every recipient despite their flaws, shortcomings or faults. It is the type of love that brings peace among human beings in the whole world. It does not discriminate rather it involves loving one another, sacrificing the little you have and accepting nothing in return. Agape is known to be influenced by religious people who believe everyone can love without excepting to be loved back (Withington). The Christians use a phrase from the Bible, “when a person slaps you on the right cheek, give him the left cheek to slap as well”, to explain that every individual should love their enemies even more than friends.

Phileo love refers to platonic affection. This type of love makes a person desire being friends with others. It goes hand in hand with agape love helping to liven up the affection. As much as agape teaches people to love their enemies, Phileo love may not exist. How one feels towards a person defines his/her behavior with this individual (Schmitter). The human brain is made in a way that people do not only love, but they also can hate. People tend to know person’s traits when they first meet. Their virtues will attract different kinds of people that will influence their lives either positively or negatively.

The love that exists between families and friends and keeps them together is known as storge. When a mother gives birth, there is a type of affection that exists between the mother and her child. Storge keeps friendships strong for a long period, as well as the love for parents to their children, and vice versa. In some rare cases, the parent-child relationship can take a large stem to the parents having sexual counterparts with the children. Storge is turned to another type of affection that they cannot control and cheat themselves that they are in love. It can also lead to siblings getting married and thinking they cannot find another partner to love them the same way (Sussman). This type of love should be handled with care and not thrown out of proportion as it has its consequences as well, for example, a child born to parents who have the same blood type. Intimate relationships that start off with storge love tend to last for long compared to other relationship partners that did not start off as friends. Therefore, Storge can help people start another phase of life positively or influence others negatively.

The well known and existing love is Eros. It is passionate and intense romantic feelings that arouse to the opposite sex. It triggers the feelings in a relationship that makes one speak of how much they love one another. It is helpful when starting a serious relationship with someone. This type of affection should be controlled and focused on both parties, if not, a partner will concentrate on their self-satisfaction instead of the relationships. This type of love can be stopped at any moment, for instance, when a partner feels unloved, not cared for or unsatisfied (Withington). These relationships do not last for long unless the partners are serious about their affair. They tend to last for shorter periods if the benefits acquired are not long term based.

All these types of love explain how a relationship can be emotionally based on a good foundation when worked out correctly. It summarizes how love can influence people positively or negatively, such as the kind of relationship one would want to be part of. It promotes a good, healthy and progressive relationship among individuals. 

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